Thursday, February 26, 2009

Times Sure Have Changed.....

I have had the awesome privelege of teaching my children at home. I cannot even begin to tell you how many times I hear the question, "Did you do this in school?" Most of the time I am amazed by how little I actually remember about what I learned in school or what I did. And, from day one of becoming "teacher mom" I have been relearning or learning, maybe even for the first time, so many things!!! I cannot believe how uneducated I have felt at times!!! - Or how completely humbling it is when your child teaches you something that you know you should know!

Today has been one of those days, that I can say- "I do actually know a few things they do not!" But! only because I am from the now "STONE AGE" compared to them. We are waiting for our new curriculum to arrive any day now. So, we have been filling in the gap with some fun brainteasers, checkups and reviews. I pulled out a crossword puzzle worksheet today on "which references should be used." I had no idea how funny this was going to end up being. Basically, my son came up with a one word answer for it all....GOOGLE! While I am obviously fond of the latest tools to find information, this actually made me feel like this exercise was quite useful. Now the kids would learn how us ancients located things. Like- how did you locate a book in the library-"What is a card catalog!?" Or "How do you determine the distance between two cities- "What is a map?"- How did you find out the cost of a bicycle- "What is a catalog?"-

Teaching my kids will be one of the most precious and worthwhile tasks I will ever have in my life! It will stretch me further than I could ever have imagined in every way-mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. It will keep me on my knees before the Lord-because the only way I can accomplish this is with Him!!! Philippians 4:13 The difficulties will never measure up to blessings! I will remember the laughter, the "I GET IT" moments, and the times at the table when each child first reads an entire sentence after the hours of repeating sounds, the tears of frustration, and the feelings of "Will it ever happen?" finally come to fruition. But one of the important lessons for me will continue to be that the Lord will use my children to teach me probably more than I teach them!

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