Saturday, August 20, 2011

Quiet Saturday...

We have had a quiet Saturday. I got up at 6:30 and was able to get in a few hours of work before the sleepy heads awoke. A good old thunderstorm rolled in around 9am and I grabbed all the clothes off the line with Matt's help when the storm began. Here I thought I had done so well getting the clothes washed before 8 and hung to dry. Yes, I knew it was supposed to rain and figured if I hung the clothes out, it would most definantly rain( I am a "crazy about storms kind of gal"-thunderstorms are my joy) . The kids played out in the rain once the lightning had ceased and that gave me a chance to clean up in the garage a bit while watching them race boats down the streams on the street.

The girls tent was drenched so what do you imagine that pile of whiteness is at my sewing machine? See, I had alternative motives for having a clothesline built in our backyard-it is the perfect fort structure of course!! I had collected a bunch of white sheets from my thrifting for this very purpose! The tent cost all of $6.00!! I figured making an all white tent was a little less of an eyesore for our neighbors as well. I will of course steal it from the girls when I need it for a photo shoot backdrop-can we say multipurpose!

************I think this is a good place for and afternoon nap!******
Before lunch, I was able to finish up a fun fabric basket. It is a bigger one that I will be using for toting around the items I need to get listed in the shop, helps to be mobile-and let's face it, there is always a pile waiting for me-so it mine as well look pretty while it sits!

Well the sun finally peaked out and brought the heat with it so the kids are cooling off in the pool while I am writing:) I will probably join them in a bit-looks soo GOOD!
Oh yes-I almost forgot! There was some more toad hunting going on today! Here is the new Mr Toad....

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