Monday, August 15, 2011

Thankful for Those Moments...

It was a nice treat to have a bit of a normal weekend ahead for all of us. Matt is done with the summer trips and a busy week. But the weekend did not quite go as planned though, but I am thanking the Lord for his protection and care and for some treasured moments amidst the craziness. Friday night we ended up with an emergency clinic visit from an accidental grill burn to our little Bell. It was one of those moments that was heartbreaking to a parent. Even with all the careful mindful precautions and warnings, injuries unfortunately happen. It was one of those experiences that I found how deep our love for our children goes. The kiddos were all cautioned about the hot charcoal starter cooling away from the play areas and not to go anywhere near it. It was also one of those times where honest forgetfulness had unfortunate consequences for a wee one's bare summertime little foot. Sweet little Bell was happily attempting to capture a frog for their fairy garden and what better place to look than in a window well, the window well that no one ever goes near and would be a great place for cooling charcoal starter). It became a moment where you do not care about your child's mistake, or the guilt you feel for not being able to protect them, you just do not want to see them hurting. Matt rushed Bell in the house as I was racing up the basement stairs after hearing a blood curdling scream from outside. I grabbed Bell and rushed her to the sink to cool her burn under cool water while we prepared the clinic and other kids for our dash out the door. She was in a good deal of pain but by the time we arrived at the Dr's, she was calm. The Dr assured us that it was going to heal wonderfully, could get a little worse overnight, but they would check it again the next day to decide treatment. I was anticipating a rough night, but to both our amazement's, she slept through the night and the burn got better, not worse. We did carry her from place to place, so as not to cause any discomfort and to keep it as clean as possible, but with her recheck the next day, she was given a clear bill of health to walk, run, swim, anything she wanted. To simply manage pain and keep an eye on it. She was walking carefully on it by that evening. Praise the Lord!!

We kept her home Sunday morning since walking was still uncomfortable. But were thankful to have some good friends come over for lunch to give her a little get well treat. About an hour before our friends arrived, Bell told me her head was hurting and asked if she could get in my bed. Within minutes she was out with a fever and sore throat. She slept through lunch and an afternoon of friends. Matt and I determined after 24 hours of fever this meant a 3rd trip to the Dr's today. We did not really see any concern from the burn but needed to make sure. After a few tests showing neg, they felt it was simply a virus. My thoughts, we probably picked it up the night we brought her in for the burn-this poor little girl!

It was Matt's day off today, so while the older kids worked on their studies, Matt and I worked on building a clothesline for the backyard. Noah had a good time helping Matt and I was able to keep an eye on Bell who was resting in bed. But she had a few hours of feeling a bit better and I was able to read some stories to her out under the apple tree where the shade kept it cool and the fresh air was good for her. That was a moment in the midst of unplanned events, struggle, and icky bugs, that brought joy to both Bell, Noah and I and Matt even, who was working a few feet away also listening to the stories. A moment to be thankful for. I was thankful for a day where we could be outside in creation, working, but also caring for those who needing caring for. We were even able to "grill" for lunch and eat outside while Bell napped under the tree.

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