Friday, August 19, 2011

Wee One's Elastic Skirt Tutorial

So here it goes. I am not always the best at teaching something, but I guess that is what practice is for:) A few days ago, I did a post about some simple elastic waist skirts I had been making for my girls and the shop. I had been working on a tutorial for this to back right up to that post, but I have been wrestling with our internet provider attempting to deal with a very poor connectivity. It is quite difficult to run an online business without being on-line-huh:) who would have thought! Any ways lovelies. Here is the tutorial for these skirts. And if I fail miserably at making this sound as easy as it is-I won't be offended if you look up the blog world for help-there are so many of these little ditties out there.

First thing-I tend to always use reclaimed linens, it is just a little ol' obsession with me. But cotton, cotton blends, knits, polyesters, etc work just fine for these. The lighter weight, the better. You need to first determine the length you want the skirt to be and add 1 to 2 inches for the bottom hem depending on how wide you want the hem to be and 3-5 inches for the waist band depending on how wide the elastic you are using is going to be. I have been using a 2 inch wide elastic because that is what I have on hand and it seems to be super comfy on little tummies. As far as the elastic measurement...each type of elastic is different and each child is different, so I always stretch the elastic around my child's waist to see what is comfortable for them.

Next fold is to make the casing for your elastic. I use my elastic for a quick guide line. Remember to leave enough fabric to stitch the tube shut but leave enough room for the elastic to slide through.
Take the skirt back to the machine. You are going to stitch the tube almost completely shut.

But leave a little opening for the elastic to be threaded through the tube.
I use a safety pin to help guide the elastic through the fabric.

I also pin the tail near the opening so it does not get accidentally lost inside the tube.
When you get the elastic pulled through the tube, pin the two ends together and stitch together. Makes sure to reinforce it well.

Slip the elastic band all the way into the tube once it is securely sewn together. You will then need to sew that little opening shut.
And there you have it. Just even out the gathers and the skirt is finished. BUT-I add in one more step on mine especially when I am using a wider elastic that can tend to twist and fold inside the tube you created for it. If you are using a thin width elastic, this step is not needed.
I place my waist band on my machine and let the needle down through the elastic and fabric.
I sew through the elastic stretching the waist as tight as I can until it is flat. I work in small sections of the waist as I go. If you do not stretch the waist as you sew through the elastic, you will no longer have a stretchy waist.
Here is how it looks with the second stitching.

Thank you my Bell who has patiently modeled each new skirt I have made.


  1. Oh I love it!! I definitely need to make some of these for the little ladies in my life!! Thanks for sharing!!

    -Many Smiles!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing. That looks so easy that even I might be able to attempt it!!

  3. I like the look of the waistband after the second stitch...more finished or professional looking than just the one stitch.