Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 6-Pair of Mittens a Day...

After a nice weekend break, I was up before the crack of dawn ready to go(not so much anymore-at least not anywhere but my bed). Accomplishment of the day-a dental cleaning after a rough pregnancy!!  My teeth are happy now and I feel I've conquered the world(I fear the dentist like many of you out there).  I also finally got in to get a trim for my hair!!  I had a very chatty hairdresser and felt like I was in a daze by the time I left;). Not sure yet if I like how it was cut, we will see tomorrow.  At least it is only hair and will grow back.  We had a family night spent in the backyard because we have a busy week of travels ahead for different ones of us and will not all be together until next week.  Unfortunately, the night had a tough circumstance in store for our little man Noah.  The girls and Noah had their tents set up in the back yard and each had their respected pet with them.  When Dad called them for some help, Noah did not secure his hamster(which was his birthday present this year), and the dog, well, was a dog, and decided to "play" with the hamster.  Those tears he cried, along with all of his big sisters' tears as well, still just make my heart ache. We buried Duchess in the garden and Noah is learning a tough lesson about the finality of death. The girls have scraped together their money(they feel partly responsible for not helping him keep Duchess safe) and I think we will be picking out a new little friend for Noah sometime soon, but I know Noah is struggling with the fact that it will not be the same.  The sunlight tomorrow will bring dryer eyes,  a bit of hope and a little more forgiveness towards the dog;).

Well, here are the accomplishments of the early morning hours at work.

                                                       Owl Party Mittens-Womens

                                         Toddler Pair of Bullseye Mittens

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  1. Poor Noah. :-( how sweet of his sisters to pull their $ together for him. Adorable mittens. :-)