Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Today I am remembering and praying for mom and dad.  My brother Jason would be 35 today.  Jason went to be with Jesus in the middle of the night when he was 2 1/2 months old. There really are no words to describe a loss such as that.  As I ponder what my mom and dad went through, it feels as though the wind was knocked out of me-I cannot even begin to imagine going on after loosing a child.  And yet, my parents did, changed forever, of course, but loving on me and eventually my two younger sisters with all they had.  I wish I could take that pain from my parents. I am thankful to  know that one day, they will see Jason again(what a day that will be!-almost wish I could be there to see it). Life here is so temporary compared to eternity with Jesus, but for the here and now, praying that their hearts keep mending. We are all grateful we can watch Cole, Noah, and now Israel grow and imagine how Jason may have looked or spoken or played. But I long to see him face to face some day!  I am treasuring these photos a little more with each year that passes.

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