Monday, September 17, 2012

Pair of Mittens a Day...

It is that time....well, actually it is a bit later than that time-the time for a pair of mittens to be made a day!!  I am setting that again as my goal this fall season in preparation for the winter season.  Hoping to stick as close to that as possible but also allowing for the reality of other things to pop up on the sewing table as Christmas approaches for all of us creatives!  I will be hopefully adding a new set of mittens to the shop each day and I will try to post a pic here as well.  Maybe I can inspire some creativity for you too:).  The mittens are made from recycled wool sweaters that I have felted. I line them in recycled fleece as well.  There are quite a few different designs now and I am adding one completely new one this year-Ellie Elephant- I am also using some designs that I did not use all to often the last few years - resurrecting them, so to speak.  I actually am off to a good start-I added two new ones today(definitely helps to have my husband around on his day off).

Ellie Elephant

Garden Blooms

and a few more in the works....

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