Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Bring Home Thread Not Bread!!!!!

Last year developed a new tradition in my husband and I's routine. He would call on his way home from work and ask "is there anything I need to pick up on my way home?" and more times than not I would need more thread, never seeming to have enough on hand. But one time when he got home, he had bought bread, but I hadn't needed more bread. It didn't take long for us to realize he thought bread when I said thread, cellphones are still not all that- I say! Well, how am I supposed to sew with bread!? So when he asks now, "what do you need on my way home?" I say THREAD-NOT BREAD! But he of course will continue to tease me and say-Bread?

When the new year rolled in and I quickly finished my first few spools of thread, we thought it would be amusing to see how many spools I went through in a year! So I began collecting them in a box to see. So far, as of the end of March, I have now officially finished 37 spools! Just a fun little curiousity to entertain this year. I will try and post at the end of each month the new numbers.

Ok, so I have to add a little bit of a disclaimer here! After reading this with my husband and being completely made fun of(ok, I even made fun of myself). I do have to say, yes, I am a qeek! It does seem to sound a bit like an old couple sitting on the couch saying "thread, not bread!" What did you say!? EH? Anyways-hey, it does say something about my materials cost! Do you know that comes out to over $100.00! OK, so I am not really redeeming myself here! I better quit now!

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