Wednesday, April 8, 2009


Many of you are wondering what ever happened with our bathroom demo-yes, we have been taking showers:). Once we finished all of the plumbing and the surround was put in and chaulked at 1 am in the morning Saturday almost two weeks ago-we took a breather. Life had to resume to normal for awhile and we also needed to make some design decisions on the finishing touches. So last Sunday Matt and I dropped the four older ones off at Awana and choir and took Noah on our semi date since Matt had not been home all week and I was feeling a bot like a single parent! Where did we go on our date!? MENARDS, of course! We picked out tile to edge the surround and all the fun supplies to install it-arghh! We sipped coffee while talking shop and walking up and down isles. I did have to back track a few times to try and find the last place Matt left his coffee. And it was kind of fun just having Noah! What is that all about-one kiddo to keep track of:)! It is a lot of fun getting one on one time with our kids no matter what we are doing.

Matt put up the tile on Monday and we have just finished grouting it tonight.(Confession-we still have to caulk around the tile-but it is time for bed, since Matt started tonight after youth group!) WE ARE FINISHED FOR THE MOST PART! What a nice feeling and we are very pleased with the outcome! Now I am just praying for no surprises for awhile!


  1. it looks so good! i really like the tile you chose for the surround. what's the rest of the bathroom look like? you've got a great sense of decorating style, from what it looks like in your pictures. have a great day! lora

  2. Hey Lora! Thanks so much for your kind words! I have posted a picture of a better view of the bathroom. maybe one of these days we will replace the toilet:)-so lovely- but as long as it works, I am happy! It has been difficult but fun to make some design decisions among the must-fix problems. It is slowly coming together.