Friday, April 17, 2009

A Room On a Budget

So many of us have very little extra when it comes to embellishing our homes. There is no hiring painters, interior decorators, or shopping high end home furnishing stores. But hey, honestly, where is the fun in that anyways! Dressing our homes is not a quick task but more of a gradual growing into them.

I want to honestly share that money is not always my favorite subject, and of course, it is a part of so many areas in our lives! I have my share of bad days when I have to very purposefully remind myself of the Lord's promises and that he knows exactly what I need and when I need it. And if I do not remind myself of those things and remember what is really important in life, I find myself taking a ride on the pity me train! Curse those days I sound like a spoiled child with "I want, I want, I want" Or "that is just not fair!" Ewww! Can I just edit those days out of my past please! Wake up woman! Look at all the blessings around you!!! I know this sounds a little strange for a decorating blurb but it is actually linked in there somewhere, for me at least. And- I want to share how in order to be an encouragement to you fine ladies who enjoy dressing your homes in beauty.

I have noticed recently how much of a broken record I have begun to sound like! When a friend or family member asks me "Where did you find that?"-99 out off a 100 times, the answer will be "a thrift store," or "do you really need to ask?" Now, we have been in ministry all of our married lives, and we were married in school, so there was no fancy career path ever in our history. There is no wealthy family heritage, or "made it big" investment to fall back on. We never did think much about earthly gain, always seemed pretty pointless to us to chase after money since the Lord has the ability to give and take where He deems fit, and since it is not eternal or the answer to happiness. Being wise with what we have however, does get consideration though. Learning to live within our means is always a struggle, one we succeed in some days and fail in on other days! So, thrift shopping has always been a part of life, but not begrudgingly as many of you will understand. I would treasure hunt no matter what my bank account was. I am not sure there would even be a line drawn between have to and want to. I actually want to do what I have to, if that makes sense. True, that there are many great outcomes from thrifting, saving money, being eco friendly-all the waist we have in this country is obsurd!-being frugal is wise- but the real truth is I am just very content to be where the Lord has me and how He has created me. He gave me a part of His character-"creator"-creativeness is a drive for me, it is pretty hard to get through a day without creating in some way. That is where my moto came from for my shop, "Created In His Image-Explains the Need to Create."

So, I have taken a few pictures of treasures in my girl's room to encourage you that beauty does not have to cost a pretty penny. You can be wise with what you have and you can take your time at accomplishing it!

For many years I had collected antique baby dresses, but here's the thing, I did not pay antique store prices-ouch! Many of them I found for less than a dollar at thrift stores. One in particular was found a big church rummage sale-it was priced near 20.00 dollars but did not sell, on the last day which was their bag day, I inquired if it was included in that and the sweet lady there just threw it on top of my bag with a smile-lovely! They are so unique and delicate which earned them a place hanging on the wall in my girl's room.

All three of our girls share a bedroom. Fortunately we have a basement for all of their toys, leaving their bedroom for sleeping and clothes. But you know little girls, they love to keep all their treasures in there with them! So how in the world do you store cards, jewelry, trinkets, and junk:) without the clutter overtaking a small room! Besides each of them having a fun suitcase under their beds to store memories and a keepsake jewelry box for jewelry, I found these vintage kitchen tins at the local thrift shop in the brown toile like patterns to match their room. Now they can store more immediately needed goodies on there dressers.

This antique picture stirs me every time I look at it. To me it is priceless-to the thrift shop who tossed in in the mess on it's shelves-$1.50! I of course love that my little ones see this as they drift off to sleep, hopefully reminding them of how much Jesus loves them!

For the girls bedding, I have been able to over a few years gather some really pretty and cute vintage sheets.(I know-what a surprise, the sheet lady using sheets) Some I have used in their original state and others I have reconstructed into shams and throw pillows. These brown and cream toile shams are some of my favorites! Even the girls blankets and comforters are thrifted(most of them being overstock that stores just ship of to thrift stores even though they are brand new) .

This hat was something Madi and I discovered while looking for "Nancy Drew" clothing for our fall festival. Just something simple in the colors of their room, and it doubles nicely as a dress up hat! Again, only two dollars for a sweet little statement.

We enjoy our home, it is a place of rest and retreat. It is a never ending work in progress and it is one done on a small budget, but we love it and we are learning to appreciate what we have been given!

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  1. Thank you, Mandy, for all the great decorating inspiration! I love how you used all your "treasures" to make your home beautiful for your family! What a gift you have. I especially love that painting of Jesus. That's so amazing.
    Hope you had a great weekend! Lora