Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Pains of Growing Up

I do not remember having growing pains as a kid, but fortunately Matt does, otherwise I would have really been scared when my little ones began waking up late at night with painful cries which were difficult to soothe! Coleman had them, but I really remember when Joslyn began to get up with them, she could barely walk because her legs hurt so badly. I still have the vision of her limping down the hall towards me, and me almost ready to snatch her up, throw her in the car and head off to the hospital.

I have learned from years now of sweet little ones waking up at night with these monster pains and discussing it with our pediatrician, that you basically have to just get through it as best you can. Many times, by the time any tylanol or IB profen would kick in, the pain would have subsided. I have spent many nights sitting on the couch or in bed just rubbing the kids legs to help soothe the ache at least a little. Just letting them cry is OK, it is how they get through it. Sometimes I would walk with them up and down the hallway. Talking just seems to aggravate the situation too, so I have resorted to humming. But a couple years ago, I tried warm rags, and they seemed to help ease the discomfort a little quicker, understandably so. But! Then everything was wet and uncomfortable so I began making rice packs to throw in the microwave. They are now the first thing that Bell asks for, being the current one in our kiddos that is facing the big bad monster of growing pains.

They are pretty simple to make. Sew up a square or rectangle like a pillowcase, fill it with rice and sew up the end. I double line mine for comfort. You can stick them in the freezer or the microwave. I usually only heat Bell's up for 30 seconds and that seems to do the trick.

Here is Bell tonight finally falling back to sleep after her growing pains reared their head. Poor thing!

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  1. Amanda - They are wonderful! I had one given to me as a gift a few years ago - - she put cinnamon sticks in it - and it smells so good ! My girls both love them too :)
    I will pray for Bell