Saturday, April 11, 2009

Oh the Tears-Babies First Haircut

There are a few things I am slow to give it when it comes to my little ones. I have been through the changes five times now and it only slips by faster with every one! I enjoy those few baby stages as long as I can. But there is a time for everything, right? So yesterday, after tossing around the idea of Noah needing his first haircut for some time, I finally gave in. I held off as long as I could knowing that a simple few cuts changes their appearance forever. No more baby-now a toddler. No more whispy bangs, no more baby curls.

So I stood Noah up on the toilet in the bathroom being down to only his skinnies, and wet down his hair. All the while Noah being quite amused. I had two onlookers with me in the bathroom as well. Joslyn and Bell were there for moral support and of course directions on which hair I should cut. I started with the front and everyone cheered how cute-yeah! But as I turned Noah to work on the back-a small plea came from my Bell. Not the Durls!(that is curls in Bell language), I of course am thinking the same thing and not appreciating the reminder of how hard it is to cut these sweet things off! So I said, I know sweetie, I love them too, but I have to. She pleaded again and I took my first cut. Just as though my heart was audible, Bell broke out in sobs! There will remain to be first times for everything in this house-and this one was bittersweet. Never would I have imagined Bell would be so attached to Noah's little curly Q's! She actually left the bathroom sobbing, so distraught that I had cut his curls. Like my heart was not aching enough, now I had crushed my daughters heart! Well, I quickly finished up the haircut and snapped a few pictures. I went out to talk with Bell and she assured me that she could not love Noah without his curls. Do not worry though, she was hugging on him within the hour talking about how very "Dute"(cute) he was.

Noah is so cute, and such my little man now. All boy-mischief, laughter, and love. Here we come terrific twos!


  1. oh my gosh, mandy! i have the EXACT SAME shower curtain in my guest bathroom! don't you just love it?? i had to get it when I found it at Target. i love the little birds on it. that's so cool! and your little boy is so sweet with his new haircut. I cry too when I have to cut off their baby hair. have a blessed easter, lora

  2. That is so funny Lora! I had found the shower curtain at the thrift shop and set it aside to make curtains for my girl's room, but when I pulled it out and realized how well it matched the bathroom-well-sorry girls! I knew we had the same taste!! I did remember to save some of the baby locks at least! You have an awesome Easter as well!