Friday, April 3, 2009

What To Do With Vintage Bed Linens-#5

How many of us have old throw pillows stashed away in some closet or attic collecting dust!? I know I still have a bunch sitting under my basement stairs with every intention of giving them a face lift. My couch in our living room needed some help. My husband and I did not purchase any new furniture until our 9 year anniversary, with the exception of two cribs:). Wow! as exciting as that was, it was incredibly difficult! How was I going to pick a piece of furniture to last through all the style changes I would go through and have it last for possibly 20 years! Well, there was one big factor that narrowed it down to be quite an easy decision-KIDS. If I was actually going to allow my kiddos to sit on it(which is actually what a couch is for!) than it had to be able to absorb the abuse. We went with a very oversized, cozy comfy, brown patterned couch. I still love it to this day-which says a lot for how quickly I change my mind when it comes to decorating! But, it is a bit dark amongst a currently shabby chic living room. So...yep...bed linens! I have begun to make quilted slip covers for all my throw pillows. They add color, comfort , and hey! They can go in the wash 3 maybe 4 times a week(HAHA). Another fun tool that I have acquired this past year for my dream machine is a free motion quilting foot-HEAVEN! I am still a bit mad at myself for all the years I went quilting without it! All the backaches, painful hands, and stiff necks-all gone! Now I can design my own patterns, wander around on the quilts as though I am a child making her next scribbled masterpiece, and have my quilts turn out more like an heirloom than ever before! All because of a little foot that goes on my machine-who knew! Maybe if I would actually get my tail into a quilting class, I would know these things sooner! So, putting these quilted pillows together has been a lot of fun and there are endless possibilities! Perfect way to quilt with quick results!

Just take a bit of time to gather up some fun vintage prints(or current) that would compliment your decor. A pillow can actually change the look of a room surprisingly enough. Have fun playing with different patterns and designs or try one of each!

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