Sunday, June 7, 2009

Just To Make You Laugh....

How many of us can say that our kids come up with the funniest things to say!? But, with time, our memories just lack the ability to remember all of those moments! I know I have lost too many of those side splitting times to the abyss in my mind, and I only hope that the Lord brings those memories to the surface when I really need them! But years ago, with the encouragement of different mom friends and family, I began to write some of them down whenever possible so I did not have to rely on my ever failing memory! Now if I could just keep from losing the notebooks!....

I came across one of those notebooks from years ago with some of those funny times jotted down and thought it would be fun to share. For those of you who know our kids, well, you will laugh even harder because it so fits them! We always knew as well, that our kids were going to get us in trouble with the things they say and we have prepared ourselves for those times of squirming red faced childlike honesty!

This one was from Dec 4th 2005. And you have to have seen Elmo in Grouchland to understand this one(which, you only grin and bear it through this movie if you are a parent of little ones!)

Cole came to me after seeing a commercial on TV. He said the guy in the commercial was the same guy that stole Elmo's blanket(or wubbie) in the movie. In the commercial he was talking about our cholesterol. Cole proceeded to tell me he thinks this man is lying and that he really wants to steal our cholesterol! IF ONLY THAT WORKED!

This one was from Dec 14th 2005

The kids were licking chocolate left over from dipping pretzels for Christmas. They of course were covered with it. Madison looked at Cole and said, "Gee Cole, I wish you were a statue so I could lick your face off!"

This was on Dec 16th 2005

Matt told me one night as we were getting into bed, that Madison told him he should put name tags on them(our kids) because he always calls them by the wrong name! Matt said the birth of our fourth child threw everything off and name tags would not even help! - Imagine our trouble now that we have 5!

This was from Feb 2nd 2006

As we were getting ready for church this morning, Joslyn told Matt, "Dad, you're getting too old, I don't think I can keep you!"- We are in deep trouble I think:)

This one is from March 3rd-2006

Today when I was picking up, i found a piece of papaer that Cole had written some phone number's on. He had heard a commercial about cash and thought he ought to write the number down and give it to me. The number was 1-800-needcash. The other was 1-800-bathroom.

Now that bathroom one! I probably could have used a few months ago if your remember reading the bathroom demo blog of mine! Hum? I wonder what Matt and were talking about that week that Cole was tuning into!? :)

This was from June 11th-2006

This morning as we headed off to church, we locked ourselves out of the house(and our cars) Of course, Matt and I blamed each other and it quickly turned into yelling. (I cringe to think of our neighbors watching out their windows saying "hey honey, listen to the pastor and his wife getting ready to go to church) After Cole climbing in our window to rescue us from ourselves, I stormed in, said we are not going and that was that. Joslyn says to Matt, "Daddy, you amd mama need to give up the madness!" Oh, the insight of child. Well, we sat down(reluctantly) apologized, prayed and did make it to church. (For the later service:)- Not exactly one of our prouder moments as parents or a couple, but I know I am not the only one who has had a moment like this!

This was from Feb 13th-2007

Tonight, during family devotions we were talking about the Holy Spirit being symbolized by a dove. Madison then mentioned the dove from Noah's Ark. Joslyn then went on to tell us that the dove had brought back "weed" to the ark. After practically rolling on the floor in laughter, we continued to about the Holy Spirit coming down when Jesus was baptized, Joslyn once again shared her Biblical knowledge that God put His Son in the ocean to baptize him.-Needless to say, we may need to work on Joslyn's interpretation of scripture:)

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