Saturday, June 6, 2009

Remember My Memorial Weekend Plans?.....

So, do you remember what I said I was going to do Memorial Day weekend in between planting our gardens? I believe I had a disclaimer in there saying "If all goes as planned" Well, the gardens did get planted, but the dresser, well....

But... I can now say it is finished! With a few sick kiddos, it was a stay at home Friday night, ok, most Fridays are stay at home:) kind of Fridays-because of the kiddos! After putting them to bed, I retreated to the garage to finally finish my dresser.

Remember how it looked?

Here is the finished masterpiece. I am in love.

There are those feet! I just love them~

Now I get to figure out how to dress it up! It turned out to be a perfect way to finish off some almost empty paint cans from recently painted rooms in the house. It has a weathered appearance and such a romance to it.


  1. Cool dresser, looks like a good place to put fabric to me. :) LOL

  2. Oh, do not tempt me! I am always needing places to store fabric!

  3. What an amazing difference ! ! ! It was so good to see you and have a "few" minutes to chat - sorry I walked away, but I wanted to be sure and chat with Dee Alford and didn't know if I'd have a chance later. Hope the sick ones at your house are feeling better - Meg wants to know who's wedding dress is in the picture ? ? I wanted to know too :)


  4. Thanks Darlene! I completely understand about seeing Dee! It was good to see you too! Especially since I will be home tomorrow! AH! The dress, Madi and I look for antique wedding dresses for the shop, and this one we both just have an attachment too, she says she wants it for when she gets married:)- It is quite beautiful and fun to see everyday, I am sure she will have other ideas when that day arrives, but for now, I am holding on to it just in case. It keeps my antique dress form looking pretty too when I am not photographing clothing for the shop! I used to have my wedding gown out when our oldest kiddos were very little, and our room was not "main central station", but I decided to keep it safe and store it away!

  5. great job, mandy! i love what you did with the dresser. and your room is just beautfiul! you certainly have a talent for decorating!!
    have a great week!

  6. lovely! Did you have to sand it first? I've got a dresser make-over on my to-do list and don't know quite where to start. This is very inspiring!

  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Yes, I did sand it first, but not much. There were a few rough spots and some stickers to get off, but it did not require a complete overhaul. I hope you enjoy your make over!