Wednesday, June 17, 2009

PJ's On A Budget ...

Like usual I have had a stack slowing growing in my studio of reclaimed Jersey bed sheets that I was intending for some pj bottoms for my little ones. Always good intentions but never enough time on the clock. But, we are about to take a crew up to camp in Michigan and are getting chance to stay for the week in a cozy little cabin, so, that has been my push to finally get some cuddlies made for the kids. I can hardly wait, slow pace, nature, chapels with hundreds of excited kids worshiping! Alright, back to the pants.

I am not a pattern sewer, and not normally a clothes maker, but every once in awhile I get inspired. I took the kids favorite pj bottoms and used them to draw out the patterns for each of them. That way, I knew they would turn out to be just how they like them.

Using jersey sheets are extremely inexpensive if you pick them up second hand. They are so comfy soft and easy to work with. You can even cheat and skip a few steps by using the hems on the sheets for the hems on the pants. I love shortcuts!

Here are some picks of one of the pairs I did for Joslyn.

Here is the sheet I began with.

I use a heavy recycled brown paper roll to draw out my patterns. I always date them and label who they were for.

All cut and ready to sew.

After I finished with them, I had her try them on to see if I needed to make any adjustments, she never took them off! Yeah, they were a success.

Wearinf these is like being in bed all day!

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