Tuesday, June 9, 2009

What To Do With Vintage Linens #7

This project is not completely sewing, and actually could be done very easily without a sewing machine! I, being completely obsessed with vintage bed linen prints used some of my favorites for this. It takes such a small amount too!

After deciding to keep my Friday night quilt, it was given a focal spot on my living room wall, but of course, it was not as simple as just hanging it on the wall, it then needed "something" to compliment it. So I dug through my crate of old decorations out in the garage to hopefully inspire me, and sure enough, I came across some of my old painted picture frames. I had robbed them years ago of their glass for some other project making them just perfect for my new project.

I have always loved the idea of framing fabric and making it art in itself, so I decided to do just that and to place them above my new wall quilt. I decided to actually quilt the fabrics I had chosen, because I will basically use any excuse to free motion quilt! But this part can easily be skipped.

You can quilt your fabrics or just leave them plain. You can choose to keep the glass in your frame or remove it. The possibilities are endless when framing fabric. Either do one large frame, or a multitude of little ones. You can use one fabric or multiple prints. Random or coordinating....you get the idea!

If you are keeping the glass in, it is a little bit easier to attach the fabric. But since I did not have glass in my frames, I simply stapled them in the back.

Here they are finished and up on the wall. It only took about a half an hour to accomplish, so if you are needing a quick solution for some wall, here you go!


  1. That looks so great! You amaze me over and over again. :)