Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Polka Dot Quick Fix...

I found this sundress while thrifting, it had a small hole on the front, but it was just so cute and simple, I could not pass it up. The hole was in an odd location, but I figured I could come up with some sort of cute patch.

As I was sorting through my scraps, I just was not coming up with anything I liked-and that is just wrong when I have thousands of fabric scraps to choose from! But I finally realized it was the patch idea that was really not doing it for me. So, I changed my approach. Instead of covering up the one little spot, I thought I would do something to include the entire dress, and cover up the hole in the process. I opted for polka dots-an old faithful for me. I also decided that prints were not what I wanted, I choose to work with solids instead. I picked out three different colors to work with. I fused interfacing to the back of the solids. The interfacing helps to make the fabric hold up longer through the wash, as well as making it easier to work with.

For getting the varied sizes of circles, it was nothing fancy. I just use what I have around the studio or house in the sizes that I want. Here were my very fancy and sophisticated tools for making circles:)

I attached the circles with a satin stitch on the machine. I randomly placed them(well except for the hole:))- Bell stood at my machine and sang a little song about her new dress, so it ended up being a hit. I know the days of my girls liking the clothes I make for them are numbered, so I am soaking it up while I can!

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