Saturday, March 6, 2010

Fun Finds....Birthday Edition

Alright, I had mentioned awhile back that I was going to do a birthday edition on fun finds for the week! So today, I have a few minutes to share. Grandma had sent me some money for my birthday this year, and I set it aside until I found the perfect thing! This is what I found while hunting ....
I found an oversized rolling ottoman. It was stained pretty badly but still functioned fabulously! The structure itself was perfect!
And LOOK and this!!! STORAGE! It opens up and has a huge amount of storage.
It took a couple of weeks working here and there, but I was able to make a quilted slipcover for it. I had alot of fun going with a very wild design of mismatched prints on this. I love how the randomness of it turned. I took fabrics from clothing and bed linens to make it. I made the cover in sections. First I made the top and quilted it, then the band that connected the top with the base. And finally the base which is also quilted. The very bottom dust ruffle is the only part not quilted. The kids love it too as you will see!
Both Bell and Noah have actually taken naps on it, it is that big! There is just nothing sweeter than this! Melts my heart.
The ottoman fits just perfect underneath our coffee table which means we are not tripping over it. But when we pull it out, three of the kids can fit on it when we sit to play a game or eat in the living room while watching a movie. So thank you Grandma!! I was able to fill a need, make something wild , make some fun memories and do it for $25.00!!! It was a good find!!!


  1. That's so cool (not to mention sweet, LOL). I love that slipcover! It's beautiful.


  2. Oh Mandy, I LOVE it!! So pretty!!