Friday, March 5, 2010

Rehab of the Week...Sassy Storage for Small Spaces

This is the first post of the "Rehab of the Week." I am hoping it will be a fun way to share ideas with other creatives that love making something old, new again. Maybe it will spark an idea, solve a problem, encourage a new project, or introduce a new craft.

This is this weeks new project in desperate need of some rehab! We have had this old suitcase forever. It has been our reliable storage for those fun legos! But with 11 years of legos collecting in this house, we needed to graduate the legos to a larger container. As you can see, the kids spent plenty of time letting loose their imagination on the suitcase itself-to my joy and ache! Matt says "What do you expect?" "Look at the Mom they have". But since I now have the suitcase back in my posession, I went pretty again with the spray paint!

If you are in a small space, this is a fantastic way to keep down the clutter but has the lovely mess easily accessible when you need it! For us, this is wonderful. I keep my main sewing machine upstairs in our livingroom on the diningroom table. And of course there are always unfinished projects sitting at the machine for me. With five kiddos, it is unlikely to ever sew a project straight through from start to finish, so it is not likely that I will ever put everything away, since most of my sewing is done 5 minutes here, five minutes there. But, let's face it, no one really appreciates all of my projects left all over the livingroom! So this suitcase is my new storage for ongoing projects. It is so very easy to take along with you wherever you need to work as well! And with me it is probably more likely that I have sewing in my suitcases when I go away, than clothes!


  1. did you make that amazing quilt on that chair? its so beautiful!
    and it was fun to look at the pics of your work space. i wish i had so much room to do my shop work in!! maybe one day...

  2. Lora, I was actually going to do a post on that quilt! I did not make it, I look for a "new" old quilt every year when Matt and I go away for our anniversary. This is the one I found last week! I only paid a few dollars for it!!! It is in pretty bad shape and I am going to actually quilt it and restore it. It was originally tied but is falling apart. It is a diamond in the ruff, so to speak! Aren't the fabrics just amazing!?