Friday, March 5, 2010

Just a Peek...

I was able to make some wonderful changes to my Whimsie Dots work space a few weeks ago and thought it would be fun to share. When Matt and I put the new bed in our room, some things had to go so there was room. So we did a bit of furniture juggling in the house to make everything work out and I ended up with a very big dresser and bookshelf down in my work room. The dresser and bookshelf were in sad shape, I had always put them last on my list of things to rehab but instead of loading them up with things and having to unload them later, I figured I should bite the bullet and just get it done right away. I was so happy with the result and the chance to also have what i have made for the shop be out on display. The hutch we were given from a friend at church years ago and again, the potential was there but I just did not have the inspiration. When I painted the dresser I decided to do the hutch to match since they are in the same space. The hutch is a bit of a muse in my work room AKA the laundry room.
The drawers have worked out so wonderfully for all my made to order items like the totes, coffee cozies, clutches, etc that I do more than one of. The boxes do the same as the drawers and have helped me to stay organized.
The funny thing about the hutch is that I have put it stategically in front of the ugly concrete laundry sink. The sink is still accessible but I do not have to look at it when I am working:)! My mom laughed at me and said, "it is a laundry room, you know!" Yes, it is, but I sure like doing laundry now! It is helpful for storing my shipping supplies too so they are easily accessible as well.

I have learned that some of my supplies are some of the most beautiful items to decorate with as well. They not only serve as tools to make things but they also are an inspiration throughout the creative process. The antique laces, vintage doilies andmisc peices of linens are what I use when I make wedding gifts for friends and family.
And last but not least, not so pretty, but extremely functional. These are my store shelves for the fabrics in the shop. They are safely tucked away on a back wall in my basement. This was one of the most helpful things my husband has done for me was to build these shelves when the shop began to grow and I was struggling to store everything but also be able to get to it quickly when they were purchased. I have turned the ackward spaces in our basement into work areas for me. The spaces just never really worked for family functions but have allowed me to be right there where the kids are playing or working on school. This past year, I moved my main sewing machine upstairs though for sunlight and the need to get out of the basement more often. While I am so thankful for the space, I really needed balance and the chance to get out of the "dungeon".

So there is a quick peek into some of my "Whimsie Dots" life. It is ever changing and ever stretching me.


  1. TOO CUTE, I am working on my space too, Waiting (IMPATIENTLY) for DD #1 (26) and DD #2 (25) to get their stuff out of the bedrooms that they only use when they come home from their apts. Soon as that happens we will be doing some rearranging too. Upstairs to downstairs, etc. FUN FUN FUN. your space looks great. Thanks for sharing

  2. That sounds like it will be a lot of fun Jeanne! All the possibilities! I sure love the different seasons in life!