Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Bell with her new buddy.
So Noah is not enjoying the pictures as much as Mama-but I just love that I caught this little tantrum! How can they look so cute when they are being such stinkers?
Melt my heart!!! I love the bond between big sister and little brother.
Joslyn really does love to watch over Noah-and she is so gentle and patient with him.
Joslyn-our 8 year old beauty.
The littlest man!

Madison climbed down to the stream to fetch this little rose that was floating in it for Bell.
My lovelies!!! One of these days we will capture a smile on everyone at the same time-but for now, this will do;)

Daddy and Noah-the boy loves his freedom but does tire out eventually!
Madison is counting how many slivers and thorns i will need to remove when we get home-yikes!
Daddy, Bell and Noah.
"Hey Mom"
I did it!!! I caught a real smile on the boy! You Know that has been my most wanted list! He smiles all the time but is a little goober when it comes to the camera. I have to basically walk with the camera at my face, hoping not to walk into the tree, so that I capture that moment. Matter of fact, that is probably what he is laughing about, I must have tripped while glued to the camera.

It was a great afternoon! LIFE AGAIN!! It will be fun to watch the forest awake from it's brown slumber. There is a season for everything, but I sure love the earth waking up.


  1. Mandy, your family is so beautiful!! And Madison giving the rose to Bell is so sweet!!

  2. Thank you so much! Bell still has the little rose next to her bed, she was so excited about it!