Sunday, March 7, 2010


Our Beautiful Bell is 5 today!!! And she is more lovely with each new day. And for those of you who do not know this-"Taco Bell" is Noah's name for Bell. When we were choosing where to grab lunch one day, we asked if the kids wanted Taco Bell and Noah became quite excited and pointed to Bell and said "Taco Bell?" and it stuck! So we do not need to eat at Taco Bell any longer, because we have one right in our home! Even better, the one we have at home does not make us sick!!!
She awoke with great anticipation for those presents. Simple requests...Gum, art, webkinz, a crab and glow fish! Yes-I did say a crab:)-See uncle Ben started a trend with a hermit crab for Joslyn at Christmas and we now have 4!!! They are fun little critters for the kids to investigate, giggle at and care for. So Madi and joslyn bought Bell her first crab.
Bell, Noah and I were home from church this morning-again! Noah was the one this time with a cold-no nursery for him:( So we made the most of our quiet morning together.
Pretty roses from Daddy when he got home from church!!
Such a silly little bundle of joy! She really loves when I pull out the camera.
Bell cannot go an hour without saying "I love you" to whoever may be around her. She loves to love on others. She smiles and lights up the room. She prays to Jesus for her birthday to come and than spends the rest of the days thanking Him for her birthday. She wanted to know this morning if her birthday was already over or if it was going to be forever. When I told her it would be her birthday until she went to bed, she was overjoyed, becuase that is FOREVER to a child. i love to think like my children think! They keep me young and full of wonder!
Bell and I spent some time this morning making a new crown for her birthday. When I put the one I made last year on her this morning it was too tight. So she had fun digging through my fabrics to find the right ones. She also came across a few other things...I had two of these sweaters waiting to be repurposed and she could not part with them. So we cut the arms off of one of them and made them into leggings and she put the other one on. She wore it until she covered the top in cake and ice cream.
We made her cake together.
Time to sing happy birthday!!!
Bell went to cubbies tonight at church and was able to bring Cubby Bear home for the week! She is looking forward to some adventures this next week with cubby.

A good end to a great day! Thank you so much Jesus-for our little Bell! We will praise you all the days of her life for you have so richly blessed us with her!


  1. Cubbies! I teach Cubbies at my church! I love it so much! Looks like you guys do too =)

  2. We do!! I am sure those wee ones are so fun to work with! I asked Bell if she could just stay five forever and she said "I will try"-if only they did not grow up:)