Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Little Break and a Little Update...

The last few days I have taken somewhat of a break from working in the shop. We have undertaken the painting of the outside of our home. Spring is in the air, and the paint brushes are in our hands! We have been in our first home for almost 6 years now, and have needed to give it a fresh coat of paint for about that long as well! Thankfully everything fell into place and we are nearing the finish of this big project. Matt took some vacation time for us to do this and fortunately the weather has cooperated with us! We never did take a spring break from school, so the kids took 3 days out of their studies this week to help. They were a huge blessing! And if they were not painting, they were helping with the wee ones so that Matt and I could keep going. It has been a good week together as a family! And being able to be outside so much-NICE!

Here is a little peek at the before....

and a glance at the color to make sure we were really wanting to look at it everyday for a very long time to come!

The first day we worked on priming the house, and that went really well. Matt and I are so thankful right now for a small house!! It was a manageable undertaking!

I think I liked the color we chose even more when we added the accent color to it!

And here is a nearly finished project, just finishing up on the second coat today and all the touchups. It is funny how after nearly six years, it finally feels more like "our" home! It has been pretty fun driving up to this fresh new lady on the street!

I have a funny little thing to share that happened yesterday morning...I had to take the morning off of painting to tend to the orders from the shop, get some sewing for those orders done and wrap up the packages. I was feeling the pull between the shop and the painting and just could not focus my mind one way or the other. Of course it was one of those times where my machine wanted to argue with me too , and well, it won briefly! See, I have always had this fear of the machine needle going threw my finger, but I also had the voice of one of my aunts saying "you are not a real seamstress until that happens" jokingly of course. But in my 20 years of sewing, this has never happened! Well yesterday I became a "real" seamstress! YES! The machine needle went right threw my finger! And in the split second moment of surprise, my reflex was to yank my finger out! And I actually managed to do just that, which I wish I had not! So, the needle managed to rip right threw the end of my finger and nail-YUCK!!!BUT! I did not pass out like I had always envisioned I would!(LOL) My youngest daughter, Bell was with me at the time and she bolted out the door to inform everyone of what had just happened. I was standing at the kitchen sink cleaning my finger off when she made her announcement and I was actually quite amused at the dropping of brushes and the clutter of the crowd swarming into the kitchen to marvel at Mom's new wound! I think everyone in this house has always wondered and kind of been waiting for this event to take place. Well, it really didn;t turn out to be that monumental, and I survived(haha)- I even went back to sewing (after changing the needle of course)! My finger is pretty tender, and the kids like to look at it every once in awhile, but! I am now a survivor of an attack from my sewing machine! Just thought I would share my right of passage into the world of seamstresses!


  1. oh, i'm so sorry that happened! i'll be praying for a speedy healing.
    that paint color for your house is just beautiful! great job!

  2. Oh gosh... I started reading and when you started talking about being a "real seamstress" I thought to myself, 'oh no... I hope that didn't happen to her...' and then it did and I cringed right along with you and your kids. LOL I'm glad that your finger isn't too bad and welcome to the Real Seamstress club, one that I still hope not to join. ;)

    Jennifer :)

    PS Your house looks great!!

  3. I can relate to your injury. I put a needle through my finger during my machine quilting class. My friend who sat next to me, saw what happened and grabbed my quilt piece to save it from blood.

    About 10 minutes later (after I cleaned and bandaged it) she asked me, "are you okay?" We quilters sure keep our priorities straight!

    Anyway, your finger will be back to normal before you know it and you have a great "war" story to tell.

    Love the house colors!

  4. Oh I have always dreaded this happening, and wondered what my first reaction would be ! Hope it feels better soon ..