Sunday, April 18, 2010

Oh parenthood-it is a bittersweet journey...

I thought I would just share a little clip from our lives this week. This happened last night and left me laughing through the frustration. It was one of those times that I thanked to Lord for soothing my troubled heart with laughter.

We have an old laptop that has been wonderful for the kids to use online. I like that it is mobile so that I can oversee what they are doing online. My dad has kept it going forever which has been a great blessing to a tight budget! Well, last night, as I was trying to work out some things on my work computer, I realized that a file I was trying to locate was actually on the old laptop because it used to be my computer. I asked one of our daughter's(who I will keep anonymous since she has felt so badly over this) to bring the laptop to me since she had used it last. She seemed a bit hesitant and it really didn't faze me at first. I opened it up and turned it on and walked away because it takes about an hour to boot up (ok I am exagerating about a minute or so;)) But, all of the sudden I heard a gasp and came out of the kitchen to see what it was about. Everyone was looking at the laptop, see the screen was all wonky, like oil moving around and if you touched the screen it would move around! I, knew right away why my daughter had been hesitant-so i turned to her and said "spill it" Although, I was not so even tempered as I wish I could have been! She went on to explain that Noah had been jumping on it! If only you could have seen my eyes-how big and lovely they were;) Ok, BIG, NOT LOVELY. Well, as you can imagine, Dad and I spent awhile gong through the rules of how to handle EXPENSIVE and important things, how to treat blessings from the Lord, how, maybe you should have let me know when Noah decided to use it as a trampoline, or maybe confess RIGHT AWAY, we talked about how money doesn't grow on trees, and probably a few other descriptive remarks.... followed by, go to bed please-NOW.

Well, Matt and I discussed it awhile longer and then retired it, but my stomach was still in knots for so many reasons. it one of those silly times that I just want it fixed NOW and i am anxious and nervous-FOR WHAT!? Well, after Matt finished preparing for Sunday School, he turned in for the night. He came out of our bedroom with a piece of paper and was chuckling. He said, take a look at this. It was a note from our dear daughter and here is what it said...

Now, here are a few things that make me soft and calm from that anger bubbling in me. First-this is not her normal nice handwriting, this is the scared, I AM REALLY IN TROUBLE version. You may not be able to read it , but it is a list of options for punishment and the first suggestion was-You can get rid of me. I think I will laugh HARD every time I write or say this . Like that is even an option-I told her this morning when I said good morning-maybe servitude for the rest of your life, but I don't think I will get rid of you. Anyways, yes, she will have consequences that her Dad and I agree on. But one thing Matt and i agree on is that this is one of those lessons that grace will hopefully b e a very lasting impression. It is not often that we get to display such a strong example of the grace that Jesus has shown us-which , in my opinion, is not measurable in human terms and something that I could never match, but am attempting to teach my children in tangible ways such as this.

That letter-it is a keeper. And it actually makes me thankful for being a parent!

AND DAD-I will be bringing the laptop when I come out this week;)

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  1. that is precious. you are one blessed mama!