Monday, April 19, 2010

What To Do With Vintage Linens #13

Here is just a quick little idea for bed sheets that you just cannot bare to cut up.

Here is another unique way we have used sheets in our home. Strngely, our girls bedroom has a door to the kitchen. We gather that at one time thier room was considered a dining room which would explain the door. We have actually liked the door the past five years, but as the girls have grown, privacy has become more of an issue. So this year we decided to perminately close off that door. Our plans are to replace it with a wall but before we took that big step, we decided to give it a trial run. In the girls room we completely covered the door with an elegant curtain that acts ask a headboard to Madison's bed, but in the kitchen, I used a bed sheet on a tension rod in the doorway. This helps us to remember not to walk through the doorway;) It turned out kindof cute with an odd little charm to it.

Here, a sheet is used for my closet. Maybe you have some of those ugly old closet doors like us and want a way to change them out without remodeling the house;) This sheet was a bit too faded to cut into my bundles but there in it age is the perfect charm for a project like this!

This was hung in the doorway from our living room to the kitchen just simply to soften it a bit. It is a wonderfully faded and soft simple floral print.

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