Friday, April 9, 2010

Mama'S Crocheted Washcloths....

A few years ago I had started buying 100% cotton crocheted washcloths for our family. I was immediately hooked and slowly began replacing even our dishcloths with these. When my mom saw them, she began crocheting again, much to my excitement!! Not only have I been able to stock my home with her soft goodies, but she ended up opening a shop on etsy for her own creative outlet. I have grown to really believe in these little luxuries, they are extremely absorbent, super soft to the skin and hard working and lasting! So, I began buying from my mama on a regular bases to use these little lovlies for gifts, thankyous for customers, and as a part of my own little baby gift sets in the shop.
I just received a big order I had just placed with her and can't wait to put them to some fun uses!! For anyone interested, she has a half off sale right now too!! You can find her shop on etsy, it is called Yarns of fun.


  1. you sent me one of these and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT, what is the name of your Mom's etsy shop?

  2. Her shop is Yarnsoffun-It is on etsy too!