Friday, April 9, 2010

A Most precious Gift From Jesus...

Matt and I started our ministry together right after our second anniversary, it was at a little CMA church in Wadena MN. Little did we know then that we would take away from our time there some of our most precious friends, who at the time, were our students! It has been one of the most incredible designs from the Lord that I have seen unfold over the past 12 years. Well, it has been almost eight years since we moved to our current church in IL. But this past month we were incredibly blessed to have two of our "girls" from MN and their soulmates come and stay with us for the weekend. Matt said he saw life come back into me as soon as they stepped in our door, I think he is right. It was a weeknd just filled with laughing, sharing, and new memories. It was so amazing to see who the Lord had picked out for the girls as their soulmates, ones we came to simply adore whole heartedly. It was fun to talk about old memories, fill in the gaps to some of the stories, share the new journeys we have all been on, and tighten that bond of friendship even more. The second day they were here, I think I must have had tears stream down my face with almost every conversation because I was just so filled with gratitude for their friendships. Monika, Nicole and I had some girl time to create down in my studio which was amazing to have such kindred creative spirits to toss around ideas with. These sweeties used to come over to my home when they were teenagers and we would plan out things for me to make them for their next youth trip. It totally warmed my heart to see Monika carry in her pillow with the pillowcase I had made her back when she was in highschool. I still have scraps from things I had made them 10 years ago because they bring back such fun memories of trips to the fabric store with them. And this time we had fun planning out some things for Monikas upcoming wedding, and after.

We took a hike to our Phillips park zoo which was an especially big hit with Jay who was greatly intrigued with the mastodon museum there-very fun!

We had a fun lunch at red Robins and a lively game of Risk later in the evening.
Jay, Nicole, and Bell(who was their hot roller during the game) playing RISK.
Steve and Monika -I don't know Steve, you might be taking this game a little too seriously;)

I told the girls later that I feel like our kiddos got to see some of the best parts of us that weekend. It was so fun to see our children take so fondly to all of them! Nicole had babysat quite often for us in MN, but it was just Cole and Madi back then! Monika came to see us in the hospital when Joslyn was born and I remember so vividly her holding Josie, And Josie was only 6 months when we moved, and she is 8 now- so there was quite a bit of catching up to do with our family, but it felt like no time had passed, and our kids warmed up so quickly as if they had always known them.
Sunday morning the gang made breakfast for us before they headed home, that kitchen was filled with laughter and now seems a bit lonely without them.
And we were all graced with one of Nicole's famous chocolate cakes-IT WAS AMAZING!!! MORE PLEASE;) Nicole is a fabulous baker/chef-but that is of no surprise, she is absolutely amazing at anything she touches!
Monika is an amazing photographer and it was fun to watch her mind work. She can capture beauty at it's best. I could stare at her photos for hours. God has richly blessed her with this gift.

I wish now, looking back, that I had had my camera stuck to my face because it is fun to remember the weekend and to see their blessed faces, but I am glad that those moment s remain in my heart and mind. it was a real gift from the Lord, and our house feels a bit more like home now that they have been here. Only trouble is that my heart aches even more now with missing them. We will be seeing them again at least in May for Monika's wedding!!

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