Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The Before....

Cole and I are just about to head out the door for haircuts. It has been months for me but for Cole it seems about every few weeks now that he cut his hair shorter. I know-"shorter" but for Cole, compared to just over a year ago, this is short! However, that relative statement is about to really change! He wants to buzz his head-ahh! I do not think I have seen him with hair that short since he was Noah's age! I will post after pictures later! Joslyn was sweet enough to take the before pics for us. We had a good time laughing-and i actually got some real smiles out of Cole instead of the pose for a picture smile.


  1. these photos are so precious! made me kinda teary eyed cause i started thinking about me and my oldest boy who's 6. i know it'll be just a blink of an eye until he's a tall teenager like yours.....

  2. I does go by in a blink Lora and is bittersweet at times. It is hard to believe my little man is now looking me in the eye! I wish I could slow down these next few years. And yet the growth and change in our children is exciting too. Lora, you are a blessed mama who I know cherishes her children deeply-they are blessed!