Friday, August 6, 2010

Glimpses to Share

It has been awhile since I have posted regularly on projects around here, so I thought I would just share some glimpses of them, lots of lovely little impulses for summertime, chances to give my feet a break, bringing a calm to those tough, busy days. Some of these may even become tutorials, maybe when the kids are back to school, I will have a chance to do a bit more writing. But, here it is , a summertime of inspiration in progress.
Put up a little tent in the back yard for the little ones! I think maybe I will escape out there to do some reading!

I took a bunch of squares left over from different projects and put them all into one quilt called random joy. It is a quilt of eye candy for any scrap lover.
A few minutes here and a few minutes there, on this one. No rush, just relaxation.

Some "works in progress"...Making Strawberry Shortcake quilted throw pillows out of vintage bed linens.

Also working on Vintage Annie Pillows too

I have been working to get the store restocked with wee ones caps for the fall and winter season. These caps were made from some super soft and playful colored turtle necks.
I have actually found a pattern I liked working with-I am not much of a "pattern" girl. But this taxi tote was a lot of fun. I have enjoyed being able to use some of my favorite fabrics in my stash for this.

Madi worked on a taxi tote for a friend of hers that just moved away. We are really missing her already. It is a perfect design for beginner sewers!
I found a beautiful rose bowl on one of my hunts and have filled it with old scrabble letters. It has been used as a centerpiece on our dining table, the little ones love to crawl up on the table to play with them. I pretend I do not see them up there;)

I have been working with the large amount of sheet hems that I end up with when cutting them for the fat quarter bundles in the shop.
I am making a ruffled blanket with them. One layer at a time......

Here it is so far....IT IS HEAVY!!!
We had to pull out the carpeting down in my workroom due to our air conditioner leaking:( But the carpet was overdue for being removed anyways. We had to pull out my fat quarter wall though, so it was alot of work.

The wall is all put back together. We got a carpeting with some good padding-which my feet are desperate for. I have been going through getting diagnosed with what has turned out to be multiple heel spurs. I am actually waiting on MRI results to see just how bad they are. Staying off my feet is just not very easy with 5 kids!!and a fabric store;) But this carpet will help when I am cutting fabric. So, the work of replacing it has been well worth it!
Josie and I went thrifting together one afternoon and found her a "treasure" box. We are working on painting it. She has so many ideas!!! Fun to work on a project together!

Tonight, I was able to get the side curtain panels finished in our living room. I had worked on the main window weeks ago but wasn't sure what to do for the smaller windows. I did not have enough of the original fabric I intended on using - but I am so glad because I believe these turned out even better. They are just simple fabric shades that get tied up during the day. All made from vintage bed linens.
They matched so nicely with the curtains already up.
This lovely little needle work piece is going to be a pillow. It took a bit of thinking to figure out how I could design the pillow to showcase even the delicate edge. So I attached the entire panel to a scrap piece of white cotton. The cotton will be what I attach the back to allowing the little ruffle to be seen when finished.

Sweet little scrap pillow. I did some deep cleaning of my supplies and decided to put some things to use instead of storing them. I had a few pillow forms that needed some fun slip covers. Perfect little scrap project!!
All finished....

Took some time a few weeks ago to get a hutch painted and added to a dresser in our kitchen. There has not really been any room in our kitchen for decoration until now. Loving having my cookbooks easily accessible!
All finished!!! Well, it is getting late, I should get to bed. There are a few more to share, so I will have to do a 2nd post on the glimpses of inspiration around here. Hope you are all having a great summer!


  1. mandy,
    you continually amaze me! your creativity is astounding. God has truly given you a gift!! and He is blessing the works of your hands.

  2. I really, really like all your projects! You have been busy. "Random Joy" is beautiful. Please make sure to share some pics of the finished quilt!

    Jennifer :)