Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today was a Sad Day...

Today was one of those heartache days especially for my girls. Our girls are the happy caretakers of a farm of 6 guinee pigs and one bunny. They have been the perfect little pets for them to love on and learn to care for. The pigs have such personality and each one has been unique and special to them which is exactly why we ended up with 6! Every time we would have a litter of new little piggies, it would be heart wrenching for the girls to give them away. Yesterday, Madison noticed that Snowball was having a very difficult time walking and would not eat or drink. She watched over snowball carefully and worked hard to give her water and nibbles of food, but today brought the unfortunate reassurance that her time was near. So Madison wrapped her up in a towel to keep her as warm and comfortable as she could and sat with her for quite a few hours, with tears here and there. But just before dinner, Snowball started gasping for breath, which is horrible to watch. Seeing an animal in pain is so sad. We agreed that instead of allowing this to go on for any longer(which we have experienced before), we would gently wrap her in a towel, lay her in a box and set her in the deep freeze to simply fall asleep and put her out of pain quickly. But thankfully, as I took her from Madison, she breathed her last breath. So, all of us gathered out at the apple tree to bury her. Dad and Cole dug the hole, and we thanked Jesus for these little animals that bring us joy and laughter.

A few years ago when my birthday came around, I received a little bit of money and thought it would be fun to take the kids out that day to have them pick out a guinee pig. But they let me pick her out for them, she was just such a cutie and we knew we wanted a mama so we could have a litter. So it is a bit sad that she is gone. But even in the death of an animal, these little creatures teach our kids. And we are thankful for a God who is so creative and loves us enough to bless us with animals to love and care for.

Madison painted a rock to remember Snowball and it sits nestled under the apple tree.

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