Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Very First Portraits Ever as a Family!!!!

Well, we have been a family for over 14 years and today I just received in the mail, our first ever-- portraits!!! Our church is putting together a new photo directory and they have a portrait company come in to take all of the family's photos. During the sitting you can choose to have portraits done to purchase for your family, so this year we decided to do just that. When we look at Cole and the very few years we have left with him, we just felt it important to have this done at least once. I would love to do this regularly, but, life just has other choices for our finances most of the time;). One of the most important things to us was purchasing the rights to the portraits so that we could reprint them as the budget allowed months down the road or make alterations to them. I have been playing with them just a bit to get the right colors and enhancements. So here are some of our family's portraits. I am just so very tickled to have these-thank you Jesus!!!

Our Girls...
Our boys...Noah was such a "ham" during the sitting, we actually laughed through the entire time-much better than tears!!
And all the kiddos!


  1. wow! they're so awesome! you have such a beautiful family, mandy! and i love that picture of you, too - you're so pretty!! :)

  2. Super sweet photo! 5 Kiddos - I admire you!

  3. The whole family is adorable! Don't let too many years pass before the next one, time flies! (We had the Olan Mills people come for our church directory every 4 years, or we wouldn't have ever done this ourselves ~!)