Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stocking Up on Scrap Packs...

Forgive me, I have been terrible about keeping the store stocked with scrap packs of the day. Such a simple task that eludes my attention all too often. But I am cracking down again and getting them tackled in bunches. At this point, I have scrap packs listed through Aug 17th. You can find them easily by typing in "scrap pack" when you are in the the shop. That should pull them up without you having to weed through everything else. The daily special still applies, if you purchase the scrap pack on the date in it's title-you receive it at 50% off. For example, if you purchase the August 7th scrap pack, today on the 7th, it will be 2.50 instead of 5.00. So, for you scrap lovers-it is a great thing. They are 1 pound of fabric, left overs from my cutting table and projects and come in eclectic little bundles of joy.

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