Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Boy Can Sew!!!

The kiddos have all learned how to use my machines except for Noah. And Noah has been begging for over a year to learn how to use the sewing machines(which means since he was just 3) I was anxious for him to learn, but I have been waiting until I saw a bit of patience emerge in him, not to mention a good sprinkle of caution as well, which does not come to quickly in little boys;). Back in May, on the morning of his 4th birthday, he was laying in bed with Matt and I studying his birthday card. The conversation was about how he was 4 now, he was older and bigger, and he exclaimed with all the excitement he could gather, "I AM BIGGER-I CAN SEW NOW!??" OH Yes, you can imagine how much my heart swelled with pride-how could I not be touched by that. I still giggle when I think back to that. Since I sew for a living, it makes me think that the kids see I love what I do and it is contagious. I never wanted to teach them to sew out of obligation, I wanted them to love doing it.

Well this morning, while Bell was sewing and Noah was intently watching her, I decided to set up my old faithful, simple as pie, machine for Noah to learn on. You can imagine the delight when he realized I was going to teach him! And here's the thing, for a 4 year old boy, he is not looking to make barbie clothes like the girls or a quilt, to him, it is a cool machine, he is mesmerized simply by watching it work! So, letting him sew lines in fabric is all he needs to be completely excited about sewing! Here are some of the pictures...
Keeping those little finger clear of the needle.
.....................................pure joy....................
This one makes me giggle...not even tall enough to reach the peddle...I keep meaning to build a little box for all of the little kiddos for when they sew. Reaching the peddle is always an issue.Bell was working hard at making doll clothes, so Noah is happy to finally join her at the table.

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