Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Quilt for a Little Girl I Have Yet to Meet...

Today is a very special day!! One of my closest friends gave birth to a precious little girl!! It is their 4th baby and 3rd daughter. They did not know the sex of the baby throughout the pregnancy, so today was such an exciting day, to finally hear the news! A GIRL!!! Her name is Penelope Ruth-I just love it!! I can hardly wait until I can go meet Penelope!! So after school today and a small nap, I went to work on her quilt. I did not want to make the quilt until I knew if it was a little lady or little man . With no interruptions(great thanks to my lovely children), I was able to finish it by dinner time. Yay!! Here is the quilt for the little one I have yet to meet!

I wanted to make sure to include all of her stats, so I hid them on flowers and corners of the quilt.


  1. oh my - when I read the title, I wondered if you were going to announce a new arrival at your house! lol

  2. so gorgeous! question...did you fm the stats before you sandwiched and quilted? or was it part of the quilting stage?
    I just love it!

  3. I actually free motioned the stats after I had quilted the rest of it. I was a few different layers of quilting to this one. Thank you for compliments!!