Friday, October 28, 2011

In Need of A Little Sunshine...

I love rain, and even more-storms, love nighttime, love the lights off with maybe a hint of lamp light, love fall, love winter, a cuddly sweater, love the warm stove, love cozy. But after a summer spent in the sunshine, I have begun to see a real change in my moods now that we are indoors so much more. At first I feel happy to be pulling indoors a bit, nesting inside, instead of out. But this year I think I am sunshine deprived more than other years. So, I brought the sunshine in. At first glance, the color drew me in and made me smile, at second glance, the color scared me and I thought, here we go again with another bad color choice, at third glance, it does make me happy. Just a little corner of sunshine in my bedroom. I can spot it from the hall as I pass, and I love it every time.

About 2 months ago, when we were saying goodbye to the summer, Matt and I began prepping for a fall filled with indoor painting projects. Almost every wall in our house needed to be shown some love and repair. Finding color charts laying around was a normal sight. Piles of decorations began to gather in the garage, and walls started to look like they had chicken pox from all the filling of holes and dents. But, those plans have halted. The shop has been unexpectedly slow, and the truth of the matter is, that is where any "extra" for us, comes from. So we are doing our best to be patient and focus on other things that can be done. So, one night Matt and I on our date night, took our $20.00, got some coffee and ended up in the Menards parking lot debating what to do with the little amount left. We decided to buy a little can of sunshine with that date money. Every other project would cost more than we had, so refinishing a few pieces of furniture was the best for using what we had.

The dresser used to be Noah's(he is our youngest) but now that he can dress himself, this dresser, as cute as it is, is hard to open drawers on. So we switched one of our dressers for his. It was a grey and I noticed in certain light that it still needs another good coat of the yellow. But the yellow seems to suit it.
I also decided to paint this little TV table with the sunshine too. Makes it a fun little nuk in our home.

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  1. you sound a bit blue - just keep looking at the sunshiny yellow... everything will work out. I wonder why the shop is slow - maybe mitten season will pick things up - it's just around the corner!