Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nothing Better Than Peanut Butter and Chocolate...

I mentioned earlier today that we decided to use the afternoon for baking. And that we did! I too, have found a deep appreciation for Pinterest after hearing so many rave about it. It is a great place to store all of those inspirations, decorating tips, recipes that you just must try, solutions to those great cleaning dilemmas, funny pictures that just make you smile, storage ideas, books you want to read, etc etc. I find that in those minutes that come every once in awhile during the day, when I am sluggish, uninspired, or in need of a solution for around the home, I can take a quick stop at pinterest and get some ideas to move ahead. So today, we tried another recipe idea I had found there. The recipe came from this fabulous blog-baked to perfection. Cole and Madi both helped on this one today. They are a type of peanut butter brownies-YUM!
We made some in mini muffin tins and the rest in regular sized tins.
We all enjoyed one before bedtime as we took turns getting our baths for church tomorrow. The recipe was one I had pinned on my board and have now tried with great success. However, beware-one is more than enough to bring on a sugar rush-WHOA. I think we will stick to the mini muffin tins next time!

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