Thursday, October 6, 2011

What Was Promised...

Each time I have worked with the girls on their room, we always only get so far... fitting their 3 beds , 3 dressers, and a closet in a small room always leaves such a challenge especially the older they get. I promised each of the girls that we would figure out and build or find a shelving unit for each of them to at least have a little space of their own, but I have always come up short for at least one of the girls. So often they end up storing their jewelry boxes or keepsakes and collections in a crate in the garage because there is just no room to put them. But today, I finally figured it out and finished it-I was finally able to keep my promise to all of them. I was happy to finally carve out a small corner to give Madison, our oldest daughter-a small taste of privacy. I did this with an old shelf almost on it's way out to the curb. Maybe it has just a bit more life in it to give. Madi and I sanded it , took off the backing, painted it, and made a curtain for the one side. Here is a peek at the room after.
Here is the old shelf that will give Madi a little privacy...
We made the shelf into a little wall at the head of her bed. We added a curtain so she coul access her shelf from either side.
Bell and Joslyn are loving their shelves too. Noah had to join in all the excitement as the girls organized each of their new shelves.

I am just so thankful to finally have been able to fulfill a promise!


  1. Fabulous! This is something they will always remember!


  2. Nice job. I grew up sharing a room and I loved having my sisters there with me...most of the time. A little privacy goes a long way and a girl's gotta have her treasures close by.