Sunday, August 2, 2009


The team has made it safely into the states! They are in Miami and waiting at their gate for their return flight home. Customs was a breeze! When I spoke with Matt this morning before they left Ecuador, he was concerned especially for Brynna who was running a temp. When they arrived in Ecuador they had to go through a thermal body scan in customs. We have been praying this morning that this would not be a hold up for any of them and that Brynna"s fever would come down in time to go through customs. Praise the Lord , they all made it through customs without any problems! Please continue to pray for the team in the last leg of their journey. Pray for strength and rest as they return home. Please especially be praying for those who are run down and not feeling so well. Thank you for following the team and keeping them in your prayers! The Lord has been ever faithful. As of right now, they will be boarding their return flight at 5:40 and taking off at 6:10.

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