Friday, August 14, 2009

Simple Joys....

I am definately a small joys or simple pleasures kind of person. I love the little details and finding joy in things that could easily be passed over. I have seen this beginning in my girls especially and it has been pretty fun to watch. For Bell, all it takes is a silly pair of socks and she feels beautiful. It doesn't matter that it is extremely hot out or that they do not match, she exudes joy when she has these on! And that makes me smile and appreciate the little gift's from God, even if it is only a pair of socks with a hole in them!!!


  1. What a little cutie pie - she has such a wonderful smile - - love it ! ! !

  2. Those socks are what my son calls "happy socks", because they're so vibrant you can't help but smile. Your daughter is beautiful :)