Friday, August 7, 2009

This Has Got to Be a First-Whoa!

Well, we had originally planned to go visit some gardens today since Matt is still on vacation, but the rain just kept coming(which I am very thankful that my gardens are getting watered on God's bill and not mine!) But we really needed to get out of the house today and thought maybe Matt could take the older kids to see a matinee. But I was a bit antsy to get out as well, so we decided to attempt taking Noah with us. Noah is one very busy little 2 year old! The idea of keeping him still and quiet is a bit looney . But we were up for a challenge! Passing on the good parent role for just a bit, we thought plenty of popcorn, sweets and maybe even a sip of pop would keep him captivated:) just long enough to all watch the movie!

So we arrived early to the theater which is actually not the brightest idea, but Cole managed to deter the little wild man with piggy back rides up and down the deserted hallways until the movie was about to begin. We have started a new tradition in seating as well at the theater when all of us go together. Instead of sitting in one long line where you end up playing the telephone game or end up spilling all the food and drinks you are sharing back and forth, we now sit in the two- seater rows, with Matt and I in the center of all the kids. It is much easier to keep the peace, divide up the loot(candy, popcorn and drinks), as well as exit easily for the 5 trips to the bathroom! And this trip, was actually a success! With only one bathroom trip, two pass offs of Noah from Matt to I and back again, and a five minute hallway break at the very end of the movie with Noah who was sugared up beyond belief, we all saw the movie from start to finish! I am pretty pleased! Noah danced his way out of the theater and will crash from the sugar rush sometime soon! We are now going to play a little of 20 questions so we can laugh ALOT!

Oh, and it was Aliens in the Attic that we saw. Pretty fun and entertaining.

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