Saturday, August 1, 2009

Oh Happy Find...Come and Snuggle With Me

This is my happy find of the month! Our basement is a typical semi finished mish mash of activity. The overflow from our living space, but in turn making it where we live a good portion of the time. With five kiddos, investing in NICE new furniture for the basement would be quite the silly mistake on my part! I Mean, come on, I found many shades of beautiful mold growing on the carpet after my sons first sleep over-WHAT IS THAT! So, with that in mind, we naturally went with the very retro and groovy mustard coorduroy sofa that was in mint condition until it was in my house for one week! But that is besides the is late and I am rambling. While i am a vintage geek, the lovely funk was not my first choice in color or decorating styles, but I decided since I couldn't beat, I would join it! In otherwards I was going to enjoy the challenge of making our hang space in the basement fun! I bet those of you who know me, could never guess what i used in this project! Why vintage linens of course! "I am not just the owner I am a client as well"-haha-to many late night infomercials I think! Anyways, my find was not the couch, it is actually this chair! I found this overstuffed chair for 7.00! After looking it over thouroghly, thinking there has to be some kind of mistake, we decided to snatch it up to sit beside our lovely couch! The only thing missing on the chair was the back pillow. No problem, I think I have about 20 at home that may do the trick! I am a bit of a pillow hog as well! I think Matt thought I was a bit like the Princess and the Pea when he met me in college, although it was not matresses in my case but oodles of pillows, and of course I needed them all!

So, I gathered up all the lovely retro prints and colors on my shelves and began with a pillow party in my basement! That was my late night Friday and Saturday project keeping me busy so i would forget how very much i was missing my husband who is in Ecuador right now. Here are the additions to the chair and couch.
I used a combination of an old bedspread and coordinating sheet for the seat cushion. Talk about flower power-whoa

I made new slip covers for all the pillows in our TV room. Awesome, wash and go.
I think it is a hit!I love it, this is the perfect cuddle up with a book chair, I can fit all my kiddos on it with me. I love these kind of finds!

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  1. Amanda -
    You are amazingly talented !!! Do you ever sleep ???? How do you find the time to do all that you do ???

    Enjoy your night tonight - - I'm sure it will be good to have Matt home :)