Saturday, February 26, 2011

Adding a Little Light....

I have been looking for an old drum shade for over 6 months now off and on. Well...I finally found one! Wahoo! Here it is...

I paid under $2 for it. I knew I want to cover it in a red of some sort(my favorite color). So , on a trip to the thrift store yesterday, I found a pillow sham in just the right print.

I cut the sham up and pieced it in one long strip.

I used a spray adhesive to attach the fabric to the shade. I did a little at a time smoothing it as I went.

After the fabric was in place I folded the edged down twice like a hem, using the spray adhesive to attach it to the inside of the shade.

I still hadn't found a hanging plug in socket, but i figured a quick trip aroun the corner to Menards would fix that. But guess what-the man working the lighting area looked stumped when I asked if they had any and what he showed me would not work. So, I left Menards after looking at all the "electrical lighting" stuff to help me brainstorm how i could make my own. But I decided to make a quick stop on the way home to Goodwill. I made a bee line to the lamps and found the ugliest, cheapest ceramic lamp base and grabbed a few other things and headed home determined to make this lamp happen.

Next came the fun part...

I took that ugly peachy lamp straight out to the garage, put it in a plastic bag and grabbed the hammer. I had a good time taking a few wacks at it until all that was left was broken plaster and a socket on a cord!!!

I still need to do a little more work on it when my love gets home tomorrow and can lend some advice on rewiring a bit, but I have it up over our dining table and Love it!!

Cost of this project....

drum shade-$1.60
pillowcase for fabric-$1.00
ugly lamp needed for wiring-$2.00
spray adhesive-already had;)==$4.60!!!!!!