Monday, February 14, 2011

Sweet Little Treats.....

Had some fun making Valentines for the family last night. It was another late night finishing them up but it was well worth it. I love the idea of having the kids and Matt open their eyes and immediately be reminded that they are loved-so I made little wool heart buntings to hang above their beds. The trick was getting them up without waking any of them! Here was the project in the works.

I used a lot of my wool scraps from making pillows and mittens....

I embroidered hearts with "I Love You"

Then I stitched the hearts on to some vintage bindings-quick and simple!

The I love you was stitched on to the ends of the buntings so they would see it when they woke up.

Here is the finished project...

I moved them out to our dining table after they woke up so that we could enjoy them all day long.

I finished the pair of mittens that Madi had designed. I think she is happy!!

And I must admit that this was my favorite project! My little bell is still little enough to really love dolls. I have made dolls in the past for the older girls but honestly, they really stunk! But the desire has been growing in me again to try something new and all the new softies and happy creations buzzing on the web has helped me to put a few concepts together. This doll turned out to be a complete joy to make and I was able to design her as I went. Here is Bell this morning with her-and for the first time ever, I have seen her carry something around with her the entire day(my heart is just singing!!!) .

She named her doll "Elizabeth" And the rose was from Daddy:) Such a good daddy!!

I am very excited!! Cole has begun making me a hat-he has become quite an amazing crocheter!! The yarn is absolutely cuddly!!

Well, there are a few other fun things to share, but I have a DATE! I will share more later....


  1. SO, SO Lovely! You are so inspiring!

  2. those felt buntings are so cute!! you are so creative!! have a blast on your DATE! :)