Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What Will this Storm Be Like....

Many of you may be aware or even in the path of this crazy snow storm heading our way-well actually, it has already begun. My husband is on his way home and will be grabbing some last minute needs from the store. Our church office and all activities have been cancelled until Thursday morning. I can already see that the wind is going to be crazy from the looks of our massive trees swaying violently as I peer out our window. It has a lonely lifeless grey look outside. Not much snow yet, but it is suppose to begin in about an hour. A snow day sounds fun and so cozy, especially since my love has already taken Thursday off as a vacation day for my birthday which means we all have 2 whole days together! I am very much looking forward to it! But I must say, either the media just has a hayday with making everyone crazy and panicked or this tiny little spark of worry growing in me, has some kind of place to help prepare. I am a bit concerned about the ice and wind wreaking havoc on the power and phone lines. I do hope this will just turn out to be a comfy and cozy time of rest and play as a family, and that it does not find us secluded without heat or water! So-especially for my lovely customers! If you are not hearing from me in the next few days with questions you are waiting to have answered, please just keep in mind-internet could be on the list of casualities with this impending storm:) For those of you in the middle of this as well-keep warm, stay safe, rest, and enjoy the beautiful mess:)

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  1. Enjoy your day. I just found out we have a snow day today too. I'm a retired teacher and always sub on Wednesday. I'm so excited about sewing for most of the day. Yayyyy!