Wednesday, February 23, 2011

FiNaLLy FiNiShEd....

I have been working through some unfinished quilting this last week attempting to work through some struggles which I will talk about in a later post....but the struggles have caused me to go back to some older projects that needed to be finished. Maybe some of you are like me, as far as sewing goes, there are different types of projects for different types of circumstances. Let me explain a bit better what I mean. Most of the time, my sewing fills a purpose or need in life, and although it appears random, I do not believe it actually is. Sure, I will make something for someone else who has requested it, so I am not fully motivated by inspiration or need . But there are times quite often that I find peace or rest while my hands work fabric into something new. And while I find most of my fun in the designing part of sewing, there are those distinct moments where all I crave is to sit at the machine and turn that flat piece of a quilt top into something full of texture and coziness- I need that new quilt to wrap around someone I love. This week, my brother in law visited and while there is the change in schedule due a company, there was also a bit of a hush that seemed to give me a chance to bring my machine upstairs to steal a cozy corner to spend few days quilting while some outing with the older kids and Uncle Ben meant a quieter house. Here is one of the projects I finally finished for Noah. I had started this quilt hoping to have it done for his birthday last year, but it did not happen. The funny thing is, the timing seemed just right. Laying the quilt on him last night while he was sleeping so peaceful, after I had stitched that last stitch, seemed perfect. He was struggling in the middle of the night after I had fallen asleep, and when I awoke to him, it turned out to be a quick remedy to get back to sleep and even sleep in a bit this morning.

This was last year when after I had put the top together. Noah insisted that I hang it next to his train table so that he could study the characters.

Here is Noah at his 3rd birthday. The change that occurs in one year is so amazing to me!

And here is the finished quilt and the almost 4 year old little man in our lives.


  1. oh my goodness! my boys would absolutely LOVE THAT!!

  2. That is adorable! My nephews aren't big on Thomas, but maybe one day I'll make them a "boy" quilt!

    {I'm actually starting on a quilt using some squares I purchased from you recently! It's pretty exciting for me!}

    -Many Smiles!