Saturday, February 5, 2011

A Birthday Project in Progress...

We began a project in the kitchen, on my birthday. Call it my birthday project. Everyone pitched in and we at least got it going. I had found this cabinet almost 8 years ago at a yard sale. I am still in love with the architecture of it, but over the years, it has been forgotten and always seems to end up as a last resort storage container because I just never have the time to figure out what I want to do with it. But I had a brainstorm recently, a think outside the box type of moment, where I think I figured out how to combine all our needs in the kitchen with the limited space and even a little "pretty" for an added bonus!

So... this is a work in progress, not even close to being finished, but I am just too excited to not give a sneak peek!! This is the before. The kids helped me sand off the crazy mix of paints from over the years. We ripped out the old fabrics in the door panels, and my husband made a few trips to Menards(which is thankfully only 5 minutes from our house.)

We need an island, but it needs to be smaller and I certainly need some storage space as well. We have been looking at thrift stores for something for months and have tried a few alternatives from around the house, but no luck. So we are adding onto the cabinet and building it into an island!!!

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