Thursday, February 3, 2011

Someone Who Touches Me So Very Often....

I do not get the time to sit down very often to read through the blogs I like to follow, it is unfortunately a rare pleasure that I wish I could do more often. But today is my birthday and I am attempting to slow down a bit to enjoy some of those things. I received a few little notes from friends today, but my heart has been aching as it will be my first birthday without a phone call with my Grandma Lucy singing happy birthday to me. Today, out of all days, it has really hit me that she is gone. So, I decided to read some of Lora's postings on her blog( a precious friend who the Lord brought across my path through etsy) postings on her blog. The kids walked in and asked what it wrong, as tears were streaming down my face, they wanted to know if someone died. Which I chuckle at a little because it is not like seeing me cry is a rare thing-they usually giggle at me because of how often I cry. But this morning I was deeply touched by this post of hers. The Lord has blessed her with a way of sharing her journey with Him that always speaks right to my heart of His faithfulness and the personal love He has for us individually. So I thought I should share her with you. She has blessed me so deeply-more that she knows, I am sure. I crave a relationship with the Lord because of watching her grow in hers.

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  1. you are too sweet, mandy!! thank you so much for your kind words. i am so encouraged! and so happy that some of what i shared blessed you today. it's hard to be transparent sometimes, but so worth it! you are such a blessing to me as well! and happy happy birthday!! praying for this year to be your best year yet!!