Wednesday, September 14, 2011


I have shared in earlier posts this week about some of the painting projects around the house. I told Matt when he came home today, "be careful, anything that is white is probably wet" He laughed at me when I said, "if I get the can of paint out, I mine as well get it all done"I finished the little shelf- not sure it will stay here-but I love the look.
The school table is done as well. Happy to have it back for the little ones. And on a side note, yes, I love old type writers! The kids love playing on them as well. I am hoping to locate replacement ribbons for them and then teach the kids to type. Madi and I found the blue one a long time ago and Matt and I found the tan one a few weeks ago. I am happy to be done painting!


  1. All your projects look wonderful! So fresh and new!

    I bought paint today for mine...maybe I'll get to it this weekend!


  2. Oooh not only do I love your whites but I love your orange walls. Very retro, crisp, clean looking. Did you hand paint or use a power painter? We are getting ready to do this to some of our furniture and I'm trying to collect all the do's and don'ts before we start. Well done. Tammy