Sunday, September 11, 2011

Scrappy Patch Works in Progress....

It was time to give my scrap bins a little love and a little purpose! I have not made any new patches for the shop for quite some time and I know there are a few fun customers who have been waiting patiently for some new ones. These are not a project that I do 1 or 2 of at a time, these are actually the type of project that is a rather large undertaking. Because of the volume of scraps I am working with and the time it takes to sort through them to find the right patterns and colors, I would much rather have the outcome be a whole collection than only a handful. I start by collecting the fabrics I want to use as the background foundation for the patches, for this bunch, I am working with pinks, reds, oranges, yellows and a touch of green. They remind me of lifesavers-YUM! After picking the prints, I iron fusible interfacing to the back of each patch after it is cut to size( I buy entire bolts of interfacing now-always love when JoAnns has their interfacing for half off!) I really enjoyed the process this time because it is the first time I have worked on a collection at my new studio table(it measures in at 6x9 feet! HEAVEN) I was able to lay out all the patches and work on them in smaller segments of time until they were all designed and ready to be sewn together. They are finished after 3 days of prep. They are now at my machine and I am hoping to spend a little bit of time on them each day to have finished by weeks end. Then I will begin on the greens and blues collection for next week. Here are a few pics from the process...

All coordinating and yet all one of a kind!
My blessing of a work table that has given me the ability to work on multiple projects at one time.
My floor after I am done working on scrappy patches. My fingers are a bit sore from all that cutting.
And 32 patches designed and waiting at my sewing machine for me. It will be a fun collection to see finished. I may just snag a few to frame;) Madi has been telling me I should make a quilt with pathces like these, I may just do that someday-sounds fun!


  1. What a fun project. I love the colors!! I am a homeschool mama too, and I love to quilt. This is my first time to visit your blog, and I love it. Your shop is great too. I look forward to checking back to see progress on this sweet quilt!

  2. I always feel so tired when working on scrappy projects until I see the end result. My heart just lifts up to see the beauty that an abundance of time & patience took. Very well done! Hugs. Tammy

    Don't forget the GIVEAWAY!